• Technical maintenance

    Technical maintenance

    Is not only a replacement of consumables and spares parts but also constant control of the generators operational work. Having started to work with us, you can be confident in the durability and uninterrupted work of the equipment.

  • Warranty Service

    Warranty Service

    RMA Kazakhstan provides warranty service of SDMO generators according to the warranty conditions of the manufacturer SDMO Industries. The warranty of manufacturer spreads for only generators bought from RMA Kazakhstan. Warranty period is 1000 motohours or 12 months for generators operating in standby regime, and 2500 moto hours or 12 months for generators operating in prime regime.

  • Spares parts supply

    Spares parts supply

    RMA Kazakhstan will be glad to help you to get & supply by very attractive price all necessary consumables and originals of spares parts SDMO. The Maintenance kit of consumables and spare parts required for replacement accordingly to maintenance schedule – are always available in the company’s stock of RMA Kazakhstan.