RMA Kazakhstan LLP is very glad to perform for your attendance successfully realized projects on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan !

Aktau , border of west Kazakhstan region – was supplied more than 80 SDMO diesel generators (power 22- 130 KVA) canopy types and open types in container type with full options which available to operate in strong winter conditions of west Kazakhstan.


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Almaty – Telecom DataBase Centre of JSC “Kazakhtelecom”, Diesel generator SDMO T1900 (1900 KVA) in Container type “Sever”, equipped with all required options such as : fire alarm signal, automatic jalousie, heating system, additional fuel tank and etc .

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South of Kazakhstan deposit filed “Moiyunkum” KATKO LLP, Rental Services of disesel generators SDMO V275 (275 KVA) in Container type with all required options, generators operating 24 hours per day / prime regime.

Telecom Database “KAZTRANSKOM” Diesel generator SDMO X1000 (1000 KVA) in container, adopted for strong winter conditions -40/ -50.

By today RMA Kazakhstan successfully realized more than 520 projects all over Kazakhstan!
Clients make their choice to work with us, because they trust us!