RMA Group

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RMA Group as a company, and its employees around the world, are committed to a strong sense of social responsibility – to respect and serve the communities and environments in which we live and operate. RMA Group is a provider of products and services for clients operating in difficult markets and terrains. RMA Group is a provider of the equipment, services, and comprehensive solutions that respond to commercial and humanitarian needs in such environments. Group of RMA presents in Central Asia, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, AmericaS , Middle East.

RMA Group customers are typically governments or government agencies, aid and relief organizations, peacekeeping missions, and other non-commercial enterprises. RMA group supplies and supports commercial enterprises that include aid and development contractors, and those engaged in construction, road building, utilities, mining, and telecommunications.

We are a specialist provider of infrastructure solutions through a comprehensive network of resources and through sophisticated logistics and supply-chain systems that support our products and services in market.